Over 90 Years Experience

Water Management

We are dedicated to providing water treatment solutions that are innovative, environmentally conscious, and cost effective.

Water Recycling

We minimize the volumes of waste which must be disposed while producing valuable revenue streams.

Disposal Management

Day to day operations of quality control and fluids management.

Site Management

Let us turn your precious water resources into revenue generating assets.

A Few Words About Us

H2O Oilfield Solutions is the trustworthy source of experienced professionals dedicated to ensuring a sustainable, environmentally conscious management of water sources.

We are able to deliver water solutions to all major shale plays in the US. The ability, agility, and mobility of our equipment and personnel allow us to meet or exceed all our customer’s expectations.


Frac-on-the-Fly Filtration

Our Patent Pending Equipment is used in place of Filter Pots. The filtration eliminates downtime which increases productivity.

Flow Back Filtration

H2O Oilfield Services in licensed thru the Texas Railroad Commission to treat flow-back and process water.

Potable Water Filtration

We can treat potable, non-potable, well water, brackish water, and sea water, over and above the treatment of oilfield used water.

Water Delivery

We can design and deliver any type of water delivery systems needed.

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